Engineering the Healthcare Industry

Pushing the medical industry forward by applying biodesign principles and utilizing a background in biomedical engineering. The primary goal is to intercede between both the private and public sector with the sole purpose of advancing medical innovation. Here, old ways of doing things are challenged, new techniques are curated and partnerships flourish.

Haley Stang, B.Eng

Haley grew up on a farm in rural Canada, before moving to England to pursue a Biomedical Engineering degree. Throughout her upbringing she played elite level ice-hockey, fastball and volleyball, these experiences shaped a significant portion of her leadership characteristics.

During high school, Haley took as many classes as possible including studying with the year above. It was at this time in high school Haley founded a Rotary International Youth Club; Interact and lead this club to a humanitarian trip that same year.

Following high school, Haley was involved with The University of Alberta's Rotaract club, serving as the community service chair. Soon after Haley began district roles in District 5370 and was on the executive team for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards North America for three years. Haley has served as The Canadian Delegate to The United Nations at the Headquarters in New York City, USA on two separate occasions.

Haley was a member of The Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy, learning from industry leaders within engineering. Most recently Haley works within a biomedical research lab at Harvard Medical School.

Haley's career goals are to move onto being a medical doctor, while utilizing her engineering background to bring forth an innovation focus to individualized medical care.

When Haley isn't studying, or serving her community, she enjoys anything outdoors, coffee, travelling, cooking, horse back-riding, film photography and learning German!

Current Academic Pursuit

MSc in Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering (September 2022 - September 2023)

University College London

Rotary Global Grant Scholar

Haley has been named the Global Grant Scholar in District 5370 supported by District 1130.

Career Goals


I am interested in clinical, wet laboratory, and literature review experience. If you are looking for a research candidate please reach out.