Project Description: This project was an element to a module titled “Scientific Writing” at The University of Sheffield. Throughout this project I was paired with Dr. Fred Claeyssens to conceptualize and write an article on an experiment using a UV inhibitor within a biocompatible polyHIPE in a stereolithography setup.

Project Overview: This manuscript begins with an understanding of current scaffold manufacturing techniques and the barriers present. Then it explains what emulsion templating and stereolithography is and how they can be best utilized.

This experiment synthesized high internal phase emulsions (HIPE), cured them and were seeded with fibroblasts. Varying amounts of the UV inhibitor were used in 7 different samples and compared to a commercially available biomaterial. Additionally, each sample was cured at 3 varying durations. Additionally, the cell culture experiment was compared to tissue culture plates. The material was then tried in a stereolithography setup and was compared to a non-porous commercially available resin to compare resolution. This manuscript then compares the results and discusses its importance within the additive manufacturing space.

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